Mikor működik az online flört?

When does work? Let's not just get to know each other, let's flirt online!

Instead of sending business-oriented, cold letters, let's be playful, and direct, use humor, be polite, and focus on the partner!

Finding a sugar partner is undoubtedly the easiest online, but for that, you need to know the basic rules of online flirting.

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It really doesn't matter how we behave in this space: are we embarrassed, are we ashamed, do we initiate or push with confidence, do we even speak up for those who don't respond? What is worth learning about this world? 

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What are the basic rules of online flirting?

1. If we want more people to notice us, don't hide, let's show ourselves! 

Women can also take the initiative if someone likes them. Whoever we write to, don't expect them to reply.

Many will not respond, and there could be a thousand reasons for this.

The point is not to take it upon ourselves: we don't have to please everyone and it's not certain that we won't get an answer because there's something wrong with us.

2. Let's be relaxed, don't take ourselves too seriously!  

Whether in real life or online, people don't like arrogance or taking themselves too seriously.

Let us always be generous and relaxed enough to let go of those who want to leave, no matter how much we have gotten to know each other.

Yes, there will be those who do not play fairly. There will be those who behave inexplicably.

Some will regret it. But there is no point in dwelling on this for a long time and accepting that everyone is the same.

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3. If we managed to scout someone, let's deal with them!  

    Many people make the mistake of devoting too little time and attention to a potential candidate who is already open to them.

    Maybe they run after someone who doesn't care about them at all.

    Of course, it may turn out that someone who seemed likable at the beginning wrote something that we didn't like so much that we didn't want to continue, but if nothing like that happened, then we shouldn't neglect it.

    If someone doesn't write for 3 days and when he comes back, he doesn't give any explanation, I don't think he wants anything more serious. You can move on.

    4. Pay attention to the positive feedback!  

    Not only men can compliment, women can also praise their partner.

    Every human being is used to feeling good when they receive positive feedback and this makes them even better company because they finally relax and become more relaxed.

    It's also important to be able to accept compliments and not be sarcastic, belittle them, or express that we don't think they're justified.

    Of course, there is such a nauseating and false level of flattery that it is disturbing, but we just appreciate the honest compliment.

    5. Don't be afraid of humor, but don't be too sarcastic!  

    Humor has many faces: in flirting, it is very important to have smiling or even laughing moments, but caustic mockery, sarcasm, and making someone laugh are no longer the categories that we should use in such cases.

    Don't be mean or disparaging not only to your partner but also to others.

    We also make fun of ourselves only to the extent that it does not destroy the positive image we have of ourselves.

    6. Let's observe the rules of courtesy! 

    It means a lot, for example, if we thank our partner in the morning and say goodbye in the evening, ask how he is doing, even if we don't have time to chat for a long time.

    We answer your questions, we don't shut up without an explanation, and we act as if we were meeting in person.

    7. Let's focus on the future and not complain about our exes! 

    Of course, we can talk about our exes, whether it's Sugar or other relationships, but when we flirt, focus on that person, not brush off the past.

    Don't let the new partner feel that we haven't gotten over our ex, who did this and that to us… Maybe we haven't gotten over it, but we shouldn't make him feel that way either!

    He will quickly lose interest in further pursuits if he feels that he does not matter, even if he is not in hopes of a romantic relationship.

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