Top Things To Invest In To Catapult Your Personal Development

Four Motivation Hacks To Create More Joy In Your Life Now

If you feel friction between being who you know you are deep inside of yourself, and what your life looks like to others on the outside it can be the cause of alot of emotional pain.

That feeling like you are an imposter. Or, feeling badly because you should be happy, except nothing is filling you with joy even though you feel like you have tried so hard. Meditating, work, filling your life with activities.

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Yet nothing seems to work so we continue the search for what it is that will finally make us happy. All this can feel exhausting.

And after a while, our mental health becomes at risk because we feel like we are not being authentic. We have a life we worked hard to create yet it isn't delivering fulfillment or true happiness.

If this sounds familiar, the good news is there has never been a better time to take back control, rediscover who you really are, and create a life of meaning from a place of your deepest authenticity.

Here are four hacks to start creating that kind of energetic change in your life now:

1. Challenge your beliefs! Investing in your personal growth and transformation can be especially challenging if you already feel like you are not worth it (worthy)of change, or that whatever you do won't work for you.

And making it more complex, some people are afraid that if they invest in themselves in this way, they are admitting they are broken or something is wrong with them. (Which is NOT true!)

All of this can create more feelings of shame or embarrassment and can stop you in your tracks.

That's why it's important to understand your desire for something more is the voice of your soul trying to wake you up to what is truly possible!

Take a gentle assessment of your beliefs in this area and begin to challenge each one of them.

Giving yourself permission to believe those beliefs are the result of your fear, and that they are NOT true, will allow you to begin the journey of becoming your most fully expressed YOU from an empowered place.

2. Connect your personal growth to a strong core value you already hold! Once you have an understanding of some of your core values, you can explore each of them to see if there is a clear between that value and why you want to do transformational work.
For me, not only did I want to solve my relationship problems but I connected it to a core value which was around family and being a mom.
I knew that being a good mom was the MOST important thing to me and when I realized if I didn't work on myself, I would never be able to be the best mom for my kids, I felt complete alignment with my choices to invest in personal growth.
Perhaps you have a core value around learning and growing and think, “I am a student of life!”
As a result, if it feels natural for you to take classes in order to gain skills or learn something new (e.g, investing in a personal trainer, taking a cooking or sewing class, or joining a book club), consider your personal development as an extension of that value around learning and growing.
3. Understand what is really required to get results! When you make a choice to invest in personal growth you will invest resources. Many people start investing their time, first.
They read books, listen to podcasts, scan the internet for videos or webinars to help them become aware of their problem and consider whether or not they want help.
The Awareness and Consideration phase is an important part of your transformation as you become educated about your challenges and opportunities.
However, so many people stop there and don't realize that ultimately, transformation is not just about awareness.
It must also include ACTION. If you stay stuck in awareness and consideration you have merely found a new hobby or pastime.
Ultimately you will have to invest financial resources to learn from an expert, have accountability, and see the pieces that you can not simply see yourself.
In short, you cannot read the label from inside the jar. Finding a mentor who has the experience, expertise and integrity to deliver a transformation that is tangible will be your next step to transformation!
4. Take responsibility for your results! Once you begin working with a mentor, remember you are responsible for your results.
The mentor can show you the door, but you have to walk through it! To do this you must be coachable and willing to work through things that are challenging with an open mind and heart.
And, you must be as committed to your transformation on the days it is challenging as you were on the day you made the decision to pursue a more meaningful and joyful life.
And finally, you must be resourceful. This means allocating time to focus on the work you are doing with your mentor.
If you treat this challenge like you would anything else you want to achieve, you will walk away with life-changing results! 

I believe this article was helpful to you and that you enjoyed every bit of it. Please feel free to leave us a comment below if you have any. 

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