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Red Flags in a Relationship – 15 Things You Should Never Ignore.

We've all been there – you meet a guy, and things seem to be going great, but then you start noticing some concerning behavior. It's so important to be aware of red flags in a relationship.

As a coach who's worked with hundreds of women since 2009, I've seen my fair share of red flags in relationships. Trust me, you don't want to ignore these warning signs and end up in a toxic relationship!

Dating Advice That'll Help

I've put together a list of 15 relationship red flags to watch out for, so you can protect your heart and find the loving, healthy relationship you deserve.

15 Red Flags in Relationships

  1. He's Hot and Cold
    One minute he's all over you, and the next, he's distant and aloof. If a guy is inconsistent with his attention and affection, it's a major red flag in a relationship. You deserve someone who's steady, reliable and into you, not someone who leaves you questioning where you stand.
  2. He's Jealous and Possessive
    If the man you're dating is constantly accusing you of flirting or cheating, it's a huge red flag. Possessiveness is not a sign of love – it's a sign of insecurity and a lack of trust. You should be free to live your life without feeling smothered or controlled.
  3. He Disrespects You
    If the man you're dating belittles you, dismisses your opinions, or talks down to you, it's a glaring red flag in a relationship. A partner who truly cares about you will respect you and value your thoughts and feelings. Don't tolerate disrespect – you deserve so much better!
  4. He's Secretive About His Life
    If your man is cagey about his past, his family, or his daily activities, it's a definite cause for concern. Secrecy is a red flag in a relationship because it breeds mistrust. If he's got nothing to hide, he should be an open book.
  5. He's Not There for You
    When you're going through a tough time, does your guy step up to support you, or does he disappear? If he's not there for you during the tough times, it's a major red flag. A true partner will be by your side through thick and thin.
  6. He's Got a Temper
    Does your man have a short fuse? Does he lash out at you or others over minor things? Anger issues are a huge red flag in a relationship. You should feel safe and secure with your partner, not walking on eggshells, afraid of setting him off.
  7. He's Not Over His Ex
    If the guy you're dating brings up his ex often or compares you to her, it's a red flag that he's not over his past relationship. You deserve someone who's fully present and invested in your relationship, not someone who's still hung up on his ex.
  8. He's Selfish in Bed
    Is your man only concerned with his own pleasure in the bedroom? Does he ignore your needs and desires? Selfishness in bed is a red flag that can extend to other areas of your relationship. A giving, attentive partner will prioritize your satisfaction too.
  9. He's Financially Irresponsible
    Is your guy drowning in debt or constantly blowing his money on frivolous things? Financial irresponsibility is a red flag in a relationship. You want a partner who's stable and reliable, not someone who's going to jeopardize your financial security and lose your respect with their poor money management.
  10. He's Got a Wandering Eye
    Does the man you're dating openly ogle other women or flirt with them in front of you? A wandering eye is a red flag that he's not fully committed to you and your relationship. You deserve a guy who only has eyes for you.
  11. He's Got a Substance Abuse Problem
    Is your guy frequently drunk or high? Does his substance use impact his behavior or your relationship? Substance abuse is a serious red flag that can lead to a host of problems down the line. Don't ignore this issue – insist that he gets help, and if he doesn't right away, move on.
  12. He Pressures You
    Does your man pressure you to do things you're not comfortable with, whether it's in the bedroom or in your everyday life? Pressure is a major red flag in a relationship. Your partner should respect your boundaries and never force you into situations that make you uneasy.
  13. You Have to Walk on Eggshells
    Do you find yourself constantly censoring what you say around your guy, afraid of setting him off or being misunderstood? If you can't be your authentic self around your partner, it's a huge red flag in a relationship. You should feel free to express yourself without fear of judgment or retaliation.
  14. He's Destructive to Your Relationships
    Does your man try to isolate you from your friends and family? Does he badmouth the people you care about or cause drama in your social circle? If your partner is destructive to your other relationships, it's a major red flag. A loving partner will encourage you to maintain healthy connections with the people who matter to you.
  15. He Doesn't Follow Through
    Does your guy make promises he doesn't keep? Does he talk a big game but fail to back it up with action? A lack of follow-through is a red flag in a relationship. You need a partner who's reliable and true to his word, not someone who leaves you hanging.

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I hope you find this list of 15 red flags in a relationship extremely helpful.

If There Are Red Flags In Your Relationship – Advocate For Yourself

Remember, you deserve a relationship that makes you feel happy, secure, and loved.

Don't settle for a guy who exhibits these concerning behaviors. If you notice these relationship red flags, trust your gut, advocate for yourself, and move on if he won't (or can't) change.

Have an honest conversation with your partner, and if things don't improve, don't be afraid to walk away.

Your heart is precious, and it deserves to be cherished by someone who treats you with the love and respect you deserve!

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