How to Source Inner Joy

You’ve got it all: financial freedom, ample friends, a durable relationship, glamorous socials, and more.

You slaved for over a decade to curate this life of manicured success, jumping through hoops to finally check all the boxes.

But with each milestone of achievement trails a bleak reminder—that no accolade quenches your thirst for happiness. Terrified, you speculate if this is all there is to life.

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It’s a story that rings eerily true for many of us. We are primed to believe that fulfillment is analogous to external success.

That if we hitch ourselves to wagons of achievement, we will eventually excavate the “missing piece” to our life’s puzzle.

But living life via checkpoints is isolating—and conducive to unhappiness. Dissonance between how we actually feel and what we think we should feel cultivates overwhelm, burnout, indecision, FOMO, and nostalgia for a rosy past that never existed.

The more we have, the more we compare ourselves to others, perpetuating a framework of happiness that localizes fulfillment outside of us, rather than within us.

In this blog, we will navigate the C.A.L.M. process, exploring novel tips to source inner joy, peace, and vitality instead of chronically chasing extraneous resources to fill the void.

Only then can we design a life that is attuned to our souls.

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