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Welcome to the third chapter of the 25 most popular Hinge Prompts (according to Hinge) and how to answer them. 

In the last chapter, we went through 1-5 of the list of prompts that Hinge says get the most conversation started. Today, we are going to tackle 6-10

Prompt #6: We'll get along if

This is a great prompt to give people a sense of the kind of person you want to be around. The key is to be specific. If you are too general, your words aren't going to connect with anyone. 

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Be specific. I know that you're trying to convey a particular vibe, but if you don't give meaning to that vibe, it is going to be useless.

Instead of just saying that you'll get along with them if they have a great sense of humor, think about something really funny to you.

For example, “We'll get along if you think Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the funniest show, but it wasn't the same after Gina left.” That gives people a much better sense of your sense of humor and if they share it than just asking that they have a good sense of humor. 


Along with not being too broad in your answer, don't make it physical, sexual, or about how they will treat you.

I have seen men answer this prompt with things like “If you have sexy feet,” and I've seen women answer with things like “If you'd never let a woman pick up the check at dinner.” Both of those examples say more about the person writing them than about anyone else… but not in a good way. 

Prompt #7: I'm looking for

I was honestly surprised to see this prompt on the top 25 list. It is actually a prompt that I forbid my clients from using (along with two truths and a lie). The big problem with this prompt is that it pushes people towards answers that read more like relationship shopping lists. While that is important, it's not what people want to have a conversation with you about on day one. I would generally avoid this prompt, but if you want to use it, here are some tips: 


Pick any of the other prompts. I can't emphasize how much I dislike this one. With that said, I know that some of you are still going to pick it.

So, if you must, try to do this. Instead of thinking of adjectives and a list of things, pick one positive characteristic that you are drawn to and talk about it within the context of a situational example.

That way, people will have a better time connecting with the idea you are trying to get out there without having to wonder if they qualify. 


Use this prompt. Seriously. It's just not a good one. But, if you insist, at least don't make it a list.

No one wants to talk to you about the checklist of characteristics and qualities that you want in a partner, at least not as part of the first conversation they will have with you on Hinge. Instead. 

Prompt #8: This year, I really want to

This is a great prompt for people who make plans and have dreams, but it comes with a little bit of a catch. If you go too small, people won't see it as much of a goal. But, if you go too big, it can seem unrealistic. If you have a big goal that you are working toward, but probably won't complete this year, skip down to #10 on the list. 


Focus on one thing that matters to you. Use this prompt to talk about a new skill or language you are trying to learn, someplace you are planning to visit, or something like that.

You can also focus on a non-health-related hurdle that you are working toward, like your first marathon. It can even be something like trying the pizza at every mom-and-pop pizza place in your city until you find the ultimate slice.

The important thing is that whatever you write about, make sure that you give enough context so that the reader can understand your excitement about it.


Focus on financial or property-based goals. While it's true that people want to make sure they are going to end up someone who is going somewhere in life, talking about your money, career, or home-buying goals in a Hinge profile is too much, too soon.

Instead of showing people that you are a good catch, it just makes it look like you might only be worth swiping right on because of your external value. All of that information will come out as the two of you get to know each other.

This is about getting them interested in talking to you because they like your personality, not your net worth. Also, do not make the goal about finding love.

This is a dating app, we're all here to find someone. Taking up one-third of your prompts to state the obvious will make you sound a little desperate. 

Prompt #9: Typical Sunday

This is a prompt that is designed for lists, but not all lists are created equal, nor do all lists warrant a conversation. Check out the dos and don'ts to make sure that choosing this prompt is the right one for you. 


Mention one or three things. There is something about odd numbers that feels more balanced to the reader. A two-item list feels unbalanced, and four or more items are too much for the space you are allotted.

If you only mention one thing, give it some additional context, so that people understand why you love it. No matter what you do, try to focus on things you do regularly.

If you start adding in things to sound clever or because they are the things you think people want to say, it is going to bite you in the butt. 


Write long lists. No one wants to read them. Don't create a fantastical answer because you think it will be funny. You want all Hinge prompts to be light-hearted, but you don't want them to be fake.

If your typical Sunday is just doing chores, and getting ready for the week ahead, an over-the-top answer is going to feel like a cover. Not everyone has a typical Sunday that is interesting enough to warrant a conversation.

Mine is usually sleeping in, grocery shopping, cleaning up, and then cooking dinner. It doesn't mean my life is bad or boring, it just means this isn't the prompt I should be choosing. 

Prompt #10: A life goal of mine

This is a prompt that you don't want to use if you are also doing “This year I really want to.” Having two goal-driven profiles will make your profile feel unbalanced. Also, this prompt is for bigger things than you'd want to talk about in the other prompt. If you are a forward-thinker or someone who has very specific things that they see for their future, this could be a great prompt for you.


Go bigger than “This year I really want to,” but keep it realistic. This is an excellent prompt to talk about multi-trip travel goals like visiting all seven continents, the wonders of the world, or even every baseball stadium in the MLB.

It's also a good prompt for talking about skills that take a long time to learn, like mastering sushi, getting skilled enough at a craft that you can turn it into a business, or even reaching a place in your life where you can start mentoring and giving back. 


Make up stuff just to be funny or cool. If you are over 25, the chances of you going to Mars are not realistic, but leaving the Earth's atmosphere is.

If you are forward-thinking enough to want to talk about life goals, don't make people think that you are just going to joke around them.

With that said, don't talk about money or property. While people want someone who thinks about those things, talking about them before you've even had a conversation makes it sound like they are all you focus on in your life. 

Check back in a couple of days for prompts #11-15!

There is never a bad time of the year for , but January and February are the busiest times of the year on all dating apps.

Now is a great time to find love, but making a great first impression is something you can only do once. Let us help make it a great one!

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