Picky woman dating

Do you ever wonder if you're too picky when you date?

If you tend to focus on what's wrong when you meet someone new, you might be too picky. It's a common self-protective habit, but what if I told you focusing on flaws could be blocking your success finding love?

In the video below, I share a personal story that made me realize the power of shifting my mindset when it came to .

It all started with a surprising little shift of perspective on a Sunday morning that made me realize I was unknowingly sabotaging my chances of finding a partner.

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I realized I was wearing what I call “dating goggles.”

“Dating goggles” are the negative lenses we put on when meeting someone new, focusing on flaws rather than seeing true beauty and potential.

Once I learned how to take off my dating goggles, I was able to truly appreciate and connect with the person in front of me which made dating much more fun and successful.

In this conversation, my colleague and I explore the importance of stepping back from judgment and embracing curiosity and why doing that will help you find love.

We talk about why being too picky when you date doesn't serve you AT ALL.

You'll learn how embracing positivity and curiosity instead of focusing on flaws can transform your dating experience and chances of meeting your partner.

We also discuss the importance of consistency in dating so you can meet a reliable, respectful partner who shows genuine interest, and sincerely cares about you.

When you find someone who gives love effortlessly, rather than making you feel like you're constantly pursuing it, that's when you know you're on the right path.

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