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If you are between the ages of 25-45 and looking for more than just a date, Hinge is the best app.

It is the perfect dating app for singles who are sick and tired of Tinder and 's toxic grind, but are also not quite ready for the more traditional dating apps like Match and eHarmony.

Over the last couple of years, we've seen requests for help writing Hinge profiles grow over 500% among ProfileHelper clients.

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Hinge has a great profile format. You don't have to fill a blank space with your summary. It's more guided than that.

They have a list of over 120 different questions.

You pick three of them, add six photos, and you have a profile. It makes the profile easy to read and easy to engage with. It also guarantees that every profile you swipe through will have something for you to read. 

The problem that tends to trip many people up is picking their three prompts. Let's face it, 120 is too many to choose from, and I've had a lot of calls from panicked singles who don't know what to pick.

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So let's start with the easiest tip: 

NEVER go with “Two Truths and a Lie.” This might be a fun party game to play when you can read someone's body language, but it's garbage for dating profiles. The lie is almost always obvious, and people either go too far over the top or try to use the prompt as a way to sneak in some humblebrags. Either way, this is the #1 prompt to avoid if you actually want to succeed on Hinge. 

So, how do you pick which prompts to use?

Well, it turns out that Hinge has made the job easier by announcing the 25 most successful prompts on their app based on the number of conversations that they have launched between users on the app. 

Hinge's Hot 25 Prompts: 

  1. The way to win me over is
  2. My simple pleasures
  3. I go crazy for
  4. Together, we could
  5. My most irrational fear
  6. We'll get along if
  7. I'm looking for
  8. This year, I really want to
  9. Typical Sunday
  10. A life goal of mine
  11. My greatest strength
  12. Dating me is like
  13. I'm convinced that
  14. I want someone who
  15. Unusual skills
  16. The key to my heart is
  17. First round is on me if
  18. What if I told you that
  19. I'm weirdly attracted to 
  20. My Love Language is
  21. All I ask is that you
  22. I'll fall for you if
  23. I won't shut up about
  24. The one thing you should know about me is
  25. I bet you can't 

Almost all of these are prompts that I recommend to ProfileHelper clients. The only one I don't recommend that appears on the list is “I'm looking for.”

It can be a good prompt, but most people use it to write a shopping list of what they are looking for and let's face it, no one wants to start a conversation with you about your shopping list. 

In the next few blogs, we'll break each of these prompts down and discuss the best way to answer each of them. For now, one more tip:

Hinge answers have a limit of 300 characters per answer. While you should never give one-word answers, you don't want to use up the entire space either. We have found that answers ranging from 100 to 200 characters get the highest response rates. Any shorter and you look lazy. Any longer and your profile becomes more work than fun to read. 

There is never a bad time of the year for , but January and February are the busiest times of the year on all dating apps.

Now is a great time to find love, but making a great first impression is something you can only do once. Let us help make it a great one! 

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